NDSU Downtown Renaissance Hall

Kilbourne Group was instrumental in rescuing the former Northern School Supply building, a 100-year old structure originally built as a farm implement warehouse and dealership. It is now an ultra modern, green facility – aptly named Renaissance Hall. It houses North Dakota State University’s visual arts department, major components of the architecture and landscape architecture department, and the Tri-College University office.

On October 31, 1997 Northern School Supply closed after 86 years in business. It was bought out by School Specialty, Inc. of Appleton, Wisconsin. School Specialty subsequently closed Northern School Supply’s retail store at 17 8th St. N., Fargo.

After sitting vacant for two years, School Specialty announced in 2000 its intention to demolish the historic four-story, 52,000-square-foot building. The proximity of the building to the noise of the Northern Pacific railroad, the need for several million dollars in renovations and the fact that the land beneath the building was owned by the Burlington Northern railroad all combined to make it unattractive to buyers. The company offered to donate the building to the city of Fargo, but the offer was declined.

In an attempt to forestall demolition, the city of Fargo paid several months rent on the building to save it. In August 2000, Kilbourne Group founder Doug Burgum purchased the building to save it. In December of that same year, he donated the building to the NDSU Development Foundation and donated $1.5 million to the downtown restoration project.



Kilbourne Group was founded in 2006 by Doug Burgum with the mission of providing thought leadership on the revitalization, smart growth and redevelopment of Fargo, North Dakota’s downtown core. The Kilbourne Group team shares the vision of retaining and carrying forward the history of Fargo through the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of new buildings that honor the past and inspire the future. Exceptional properties available from Kilbourne Group include condominiums, loft apartments, office and commercial space and getaway lake properties.

Kilbourne Group is currently offering several condos for sale in downtown Fargo at its 300 Broadway location. These condos are located in the heart of Fargo where culture and everyday conveniences come together for an unforgettable living experience. For more information on these Fargo condos for sale, and on finding your new home, please view the Live section and learn what living in downtown Fargo is all about.

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